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Florinda Maria

I create art to communicate ideas, thoughts, or feelings. As a fine artist, painter, sculptor, jewelry designer, paper cutter and illustrator I create original artwork, using a variety of media and techniques.
I use methods such as: poetry, jewelry making, painting, sculpting, or illustration, celebrity portraits and an assortment of materials, including oils, watercolors, acrylics, pastels, pencils, paper cuttings, pen and ink, plaster, clay, and computers, yarn and material.
As an illustrator I typically create pictures for books, magazines, and other publications, and for commercial products such as textiles, wrapping paper, stationery, greeting cards, and calendars. I mostly work in digital format, preparing work directly on a computer. I have also done many portraits of celebrities and then done them as paper cutting, using black paper on wite to show the greatest contrast.

My work may be realistic, stylized, or abstract and may depict objects, people, nature, or events. As a sketch artist I create likenesses of subjects using pencil, charcoal, paints, pastels, paper cuttings or the computer.

As a sculptors I design in three-dimensions, either by molding and joining materials such as clay, glass, wire, plastic, fabric, or metal or by cutting and carving forms from a block of plaster, wood, or stone. Some sculptors combine various materials to create mixed-media installations. All the pictures you see are available to be bought as prints of any size, feel free to contact me to do special orders.
As a paper cutter there are different ways to create your designs. One uses black paper and proceedes to cut it with or with out a template to follow. You can use either scissors, or a exacto knife, most of my paper cuttings are done with the scissors, or even a form of taring.
Some of the work on my paper cuttings page was first created on the computer and used as a template to cut out the design.

Mixed Media

mixed media

Gallery 1


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Gallery 2

Celebrity Portraits


Gallery 3

So most of any of my drawings or portraits I may use them and then turn them into a paper cutting. I have sold a few of my celebrity portrait paper cuttings, such as Angelina Jolie, Keanu Reeves and Bob Marley. The portraits of the celebrities are created in illustrator a computer program in vector based drawing. I try to find pictures of the stars that describe different sides of the actor and not everyone would have seen. I will do any picture of any person as long as it is a clear shot. All of my work is for sale and I can be commissioned to do any type of art work or design you need. I will do portraits as a print or as a paper cutting.

I love to do special requests so if interested in contacting
call 818 601 2144 or
email me at florindamaria7@gmail.com

How do you purchase a picture?

I do not have an order form included in this web site since some of the work in the Gallery pages is one of a kind and may have been already purchased. Please contact me to discuss availability. Purchases can be made by Pay Pal, or check, and I can also work out a "lay away" system at no additional charge. With the help of my digital camera, I can even email pictures of frames to show you various choices available!

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